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Warleybear 23rd January 2014 20:36

Kim Jones - Sad News
For those who post on the Bears unofficial forum ( there is currently this deeply upsetting piece of news.

"This forum has been closed as a mark of respect to Kim Jones who sadly passed away today 23rd January 2014 after a short illness."

I really hope that this is not true.

geoff_boycotts_grandmother 23rd January 2014 20:40

What terrible, terrible news.

Warleybear 23rd January 2014 20:45

Sadly George Dobell has just confirmed this terrible news on Twitter.

Mr Popodopolous 23rd January 2014 20:46

RIP Kim! Just seen this, very shocked and saddened. Never met him but always found him good value on here!

Baron Shakattak Greenback 23rd January 2014 20:47

Terrible news, RIP Kim.

Aidan11 23rd January 2014 20:47

Terrible news.


slowest_bowler 23rd January 2014 20:48

We'll miss him.

Sir Virgs and Zamora 23rd January 2014 20:50


Originally Posted by slowest_bowler (Post 613261)
We'll miss him.

A lot. So sad. This is the first time I will mourn someone whom I have never met and would not recognise. Terrible news.

Warleybear 23rd January 2014 20:56

I feel so sad about this. It is also the first time I will mourn someone I have never met, but have shared thousands of words with on both this and the Bears web site over the last decade. Today is a sad day, we have lost a passionate supporter of the game. A person who was knowledgable and came across as a really nice person. Many will be shocked by this really sad bit of news.

sharky 23rd January 2014 20:57

Ah man that's so sad. So many great fun arguments with him. Just so, so sad :cry:

JG_ 23rd January 2014 21:09

Terribly sad news. This board will certainly be a worse place without him, for one.

High Druid Nathan Barley 23rd January 2014 21:09

Yep, very sad, again a man I never met, but his warmth and enthusiasm always came across in his posts, even at his crabbiest. RIP

YAMS 23rd January 2014 21:20

Crikey, lost for words. Poor, poor Kimster. The man who brought me here. Knew he hadn't posted for a while but bloody hell.

Like others I'd never had the pleasure but been in conflab for years.

RIP mate, be Crabby in heaven. Forever a Readite.

Chin Music 23rd January 2014 21:23

I've only just seen this myself. I was really made up when I finally got round to meet him the best part of 3 and half years ago. All I can say is RIP.

slop 23rd January 2014 21:41

RIP. Still a girl's name :cry:

Minor Maggie 23rd January 2014 21:47

Really sad news for his family and friends. He will be sorely missed here and on other forums. RIP.

Ali TT 23rd January 2014 21:48

Oh no, very sad :( truly knowledgeable about the game, will be missed

Sir Virgs and Zamora 23rd January 2014 21:58

I have just read some of the private messages he sent me in the summer of 2010 when my wife was ill. What a top bloke he was.

Minor Maggie 23rd January 2014 22:00

Perhaps we should find some of our favourite Kim posts and share them here?

Michelle Fivefer 23rd January 2014 22:17

I don't know what to say, I'm so shocked. Did anyone have any idea he was ill? Very very sad. RIP Kim.

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