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Boxing Roo 25th November 2014 06:28

Phil Hughes tragically passes away
Australian batsman Phil Hughes is on life support in st Vincents hospital after being struck by a bouncer batting for Sth Australia against NSW today at the SCG, the game was called off.

It was dramatic scenes on the field while emergency crews worked on Hughes for 30 minutes before he was taken from the ground, some reports state he was clinically dead for 20 minutes.

CPR was given to him on the field for an extended time after he was hit on the back of the head under the back of the helmet.

Phil was on 63no when he took the blow whilst attempting a hook shot from a short ball, which left him looking at the ground for a few seconds before collapsing face first onto the pitch unconscious, at this point his heart stopped and medics worked very hard to bring him back to life.
He was raced to St Vincents and immediately underwent surgery, results will not be known for at least 24 hours

His current state is critical and he is having surgery as we speak to release pressure on the brain.

This is terrible news for the young bloke, please keep him in your prayers and thoughts, all the power to him and his family dealing with this, lets hope he can get through this ok.

Phils a great young bloke and a real fighter, respected in the cricket community as one of the really good guys, if anybody can pull through this its Phil.

Thoughts also to the bowler Sean Abbott, it was not a malicious shot ball by any means, just a run of the mill short delivery we see dozens of in every game, a freak accident, but i'm sure sean is devastated atm.

EDIT, the tragic news that Phil Hughes has just passed away has just been delivered.
Australian sport is in shock and devastated by the news.
His life support was turned off this afternoon at st Vincents hospital Sydney.

Please pray for Phil and his family, and also Sean Abbott who must be devastated.

Its times like this that puts life into perspective.


Minor Maggie 25th November 2014 07:03

Really shocking news to hear waking up this morning. My thoughts are with his family, friends and teammates.

sharky 25th November 2014 07:10

All the best to him, it's easy to forget just how dangerous the game is. Must have been horrifying for everyone. Sounds like he got the absolute best treatment available so fingers crossed he will pull through OK.

Aidan11 25th November 2014 07:14

Totally shocked when I heard this. Thoughts are with him and hope he makes a full recovery.

Boxing Roo 25th November 2014 07:28


Originally Posted by sharky (Post 648486)
All the best to him, it's easy to forget just how dangerous the game is. Must have been horrifying for everyone. Sounds like he got the absolute best treatment available so fingers crossed he will pull through OK.

It was horrifying to watch, his sister and mother were there watching at the ground, he got immediate emergency treatment, if it wasnt for that he wouldnt have survived.

It was not a malicious ball by any means, just a typical short ball that he decided to hook with plenty of venom, missed the ball and in the motion of playing the shot it got him in the back of the head, just a freak accident.

The back of the helmet is really high, obviously made that way so the batsman has full movement of his head, but in this instance its hit him in the exposed spot under the back of the helmet, bloody terrible stuff.

Midnight 25th November 2014 07:28

It was horrible for the spectators with sheets put around him by his teammates as the doctor wanted to keep working on him on the ground because he couldn't breathe on his own and his heart had stopped. The journo Peter Lalor who was just speaking on radio witnessed all this and was still shaken by it.

The doctors won't be able to comment on the prognosis for at least another twenty four hours; he has been placed in an induced coma following surgery.

Stevieb15 25th November 2014 07:50

Good luck Phil, hopefully moving towards a full and swift recovery.
Many thanks to the medics at the ground.

Sir Virgs and Zamora 25th November 2014 08:12

Horrible stuff. It reminds us of how dangerous the game is now but even more so how dangerous it was in the past.

All the best to him.

Summer of '77 25th November 2014 08:43

Wishing Phil Hughes every shred of fortune for a full recovery.

Thoughts too for Sean Abbott who must be in utter despair.

stevieh 25th November 2014 08:53

This is shocking to read. I have always thought the protective gear was reliable but it sounds as if he got hit in an unprotected spot.

Corbo 61 25th November 2014 09:15

Let's hope he comes through OK.

HHSussex 25th November 2014 10:13


Originally Posted by Summer of '77 (Post 648495)
Wishing Phil Hughes every shred of fortune for a full recovery.

Thoughts too for Sean Abbott who must be in utter despair.

Well said! The poor bloke must be in agonies of guilt and self-recrimination and these things are seldom if ever the fault of the bowler.

D/L 25th November 2014 10:19

A terrible accident. Let's hope Hughes makes a full recovery.

I wonder if the shot that got him into trouble would even have been attempted before helmets came along, though.

mustardcharlie 25th November 2014 13:34

The thoughts of all decent cricketers I believe go out to Phil and his family. C'mon guy, you can beat this one. You are a big tough Aussie right and you ain't gonna let a bit of leather, cork and elastic get you. Sean Abbot too. It was a fair shot and part of the game, like a boxer that lands a big one. Hope to see you at Headingley next year.

luckyluke 25th November 2014 22:24

Puts the often heard phrase 'a dreadful bit of luck' into real context, a difficult ball to play but not one associates with real danger in the modern game, and poor Phil is lying in Intensive Care. Really hope he makes a full recovery, but his fight has only just begun.

Ali TT 25th November 2014 22:36

Wishing Phil all the best in his recovery. Terrible news to hear about this morning.

Boxing Roo 26th November 2014 02:49

We know one thing as fact, the helmets they wear simply do not offer protection to a crucial part of the head thats at the back of the head.
When you loook at the helmets they are almost shaped like a baseball cap, they hardly come down at all behind the head theres a huge gap.

So many others have been hit in the same spot, only two weeks ago another international player had to be taken to the hospital after he was hit in the same spot, many other times ive seen batsmen hit in the exact same, ive looked at those helmets for years and thought somebodies going to get seriously injured on the back of the head and its happened.
I realise its cut so high so the batsman can have full movement of his head but these helmets are simply not safe to be wearing, especially not safe to be wearing for rising fast short balls and playing hook shots, the nature of the shot and the limits of the helmet can lead to exactly what we had yesterday.

Chin Music 26th November 2014 05:31

I have only just heard about this due to being away from contact for a couple of days. Dreadful news and I hope he recovers fully.

Long Off 26th November 2014 09:09

This is a horrible occurrence. I heard about it about 10 minutes after it happened and was instantly sad about the health of Hughes.

Head injuries are a risk of our amazing game. The likelihood of occurrence is so minute and Philip was so unfortunate. I wish him all the best.

I have already seen a backlash against his helmet choice and the risk of bouncers. This makes me so angry. People are ****.

Philip Hughes and Sean Abbott are fully in my thoughts. Massively unlucky.

Long Off 26th November 2014 09:11

This is a ***** correction. Philip objects to Phil.

Worth a read too

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