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Baron von Death 1st March 2008 14:54

Apparently Leicestershire have just signed West Indian prime suspect, Jermaine Lawson as a Kolpak!! A bowler the WI won't select because of his repeated problems with throwing!

I'm obviously behind the times because I hadn't realised that people from the Caribbean qualified for European employment rights.

Rey 1st March 2008 15:03

Some of the islands have similar trade agreements to the Saffers

Baron von Death 1st March 2008 15:31

Perhaps he should have gone to baseball where he would be better suited?

Slater 17th April 2008 17:21

So...this Tom New bloke :think:

asita 23rd April 2008 01:24

any idea when dippenaar's turning up?

mark nicholas' lawyer 23rd April 2008 03:21


Originally Posted by asita (Post 164799)
any idea when some leicestershire fans are turning up?

Edited for salience.

Rey 23rd April 2008 12:52


Originally Posted by asita (Post 164799)
any idea when dippenaar's turning up?

I'm guessing he's still involved with 20/20 like some other South Africans, should arrive on Sunday-ish.

In reference to the OP, Lawson is now bowling in the seconds as others impressed over him in the first game

asita 24th April 2008 09:55

thanks for that rey..

so can i ask, how do people rate jimmy allenby? from a casual glance he seems like a pretty balanced allrounder..

mark nicholas' lawyer 25th April 2008 01:49

he's a very typical aussie player, a more than useful batsman and handy change bowler, who probably just can't quite make a state side and has chosen to earn surefire bucks over here. fair enough i guess. as long as he doesn't take a ton off us tomorrow.

Slater 17th July 2008 20:08

Anyone know much about Joshua Cobb?

1000yardstare 17th July 2008 21:22


Originally Posted by Slater (Post 198755)
Anyone know much about Joshua Cobb?

With a name like that he sounds like a character out of Tobacco Road.

paulsre 1st September 2008 11:20


Originally Posted by Slater (Post 198755)
Anyone know much about Joshua Cobb?

Well, now I do!

Slater 12th September 2008 17:38

Had another decent game. Not sure if he's played for the U19's yet.

Sussex by the sea 12th September 2008 20:13

Cobb hasn't played for U19s yet but will surely do so next year.

Tango 2nd November 2008 01:59

On behalf of Spin Magazine...Basically, for the next issue of SPIN Magazine (Dec issue) we're putting together a review of the 2008 county season. Included in that will be a section for fans of each county - that'd be you - to have their say. A few sentences for each would be great. Our deadline is Monday next week, although if we could have your responses v.soon, that would be ideal.

So, the questions for the 'survey' are as follows:

How would you sum up your season?

Your team's player of the season?

Moment of the season?

Biggest let-down of the season?

One to watch for next year?

What does your team need to do for 2009?

Thanks a lot for your interest/participation. Our hope for this is to not just do this as a one-off, but to have a fan from each county that we can call upon for future issues.


Anyone interested?? pm me soon.


GloriousGloucesters 7th March 2009 11:49

Iain O'Brien looking set to be Leicestershire's overseas player for 2009

Sussex by the sea 7th March 2009 12:06

This season's starting XI: Boyce, Smith, Ackerman, Dippenaar, Cobb, Allenby, Nixon (c, +), Henderson, Malik, Harris, O'Brien

Baron von Death 16th March 2009 23:39

How many of these can even vaguely regarded as English?

Rey 17th March 2009 00:09


Baron von Death 17th March 2009 00:10

That's up on last year then.

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