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Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post
Expect low scores from Compton after being damned with such faint praise by Bayliss. The man was a favourite for Man of the Match and practically all the pundits agree that he played very important knocks at Durban.
Why expect low scores - He batted well at Durban - Typical hype to build somone up only to knock them down - I would have voted for him a MOM had Elgar not batted so well

What is peoples problem with Compton - Ok he is a Sud and went to school with Hashim but he has a solid defense in a Trott mode and is a great slip in at three against Bell who dragged his career out and really became embarasing at the end

Im not sure what pundits you are referring to but if its the sky lot then they should stick to keeping quiet and reading some of the written press opinions - Dont get me off on Botham....

Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post
Just the time then for the coach to come out and say he's 'ultimately' looking for a more attacking no.3.
I have not heard this - Please link me to this comment

Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post
I think a consistent opening partner for Cook is a more pressing need. Let's hope Hales manages to fulfil it. I thought the point of Hales was that he was going to be a more attacking foil for Cook's steadier pace?
I think you must have missed my post on Hales - Just in case it is below

Originally Posted by Goochies Lovechild View Post
No - I take your point but unless he can get to Warner status he will not succeed

Dont get me wrong I would love him to be "our" Warner but I fear the pressure will make him revert into a style of player he is not...

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