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Originally Posted by Goochies Lovechild View Post
HaHa - I did childishly try to provoke you with the Bell Jibe - Well done for ignoring it - Ian Bell was a great servant to English cricket....I expect I reacted more aggresivly to your tounge in cheek remark than you did to mine and for that i thank you

I am supprised at the comments printed by cricinfo allegedly made by Bayliss - This is a Fking test team - Seriously two of your top three need to be grinders - lose one on a green top you need to be able to re-group - In fact having re read the report I think GD has added this without quotation - I am slight biased as I hate cric info due to thier biased reporting and pubishing of comments

For now...
Not just you. Now that Bell has been dropped I have nothing more to say about him on here and will not be provoked. If he never plays for England again I hope he eventually gets a more balanced appraisal.

I tend to share your scepticism about Cricinfo, but not sure that Dobell would be putting words in Bayliss's mouth that he didn't say.
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