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Originally Posted by Marauding Bison View Post
Given that Monty does not qualify for a full ranking that is pretty spectacular stuff. His ranking will remain pretty volatile though as he has played comparatively few matches.
A bad game could certainly see him drop off a fair way but he's not had a bad game yet this summer. Instead he has relentlessly worked his way through the WI batting. I'm not sure he's always bowled at his very best. There were too many short balls to Gayle yesterday, for example. Still, he's accurate, he turns it, he gets bounce and he has a well disguised arm ball that he doesn't use without a real plan to make the most of it. Excellent stuff. I look forward to seeing him against the Indian line up again. He didn't do so well in India (in a series which was not great for any spinner, funnily enough) but I think he's come on a way since then.
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