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Originally Posted by sanskritsimon View Post
I would imagine that Rashid has been picked to give him some international exposure and thus to allow them to make a more informed decision about whether or not he is likely to be a better test bowler than the disappointing Ali. Tredwell they already know is a better test bowler than Ali but seemingly he lacks the batting that Rashid and Ali can offer. There is also presumably the option of playing two spinners at Cardiff, where there is unlikely to be much in the pitch for the seamers. Basically this ODI series is a complete waste of time unless it can help us improve our dismal test side for the Ashes series. There are plenty of ODIs in which to drop everyone and pick them all again several times before the next worthwhile ODI series.
Really? How? Ali has struggled since coming back from injury but bowled well against the Indians. Tredwell isn't picked by his County.
I believe the reason that Tredwell is not in the ODI squad (I would have played him in every ODI over the last two years) is that the coach has asked for a team of really good fielders.
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