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Hi all.

I hope you are summering better than a Somerset batsman or a Yorkshire leggie who have all been a shambles. Somerset batsman can't average over 25 and a Yorkshire leggie can't average under 50 in the championship!

Great start to the test series. It was brilliant to see root cash in on the couple of drops and a fine knock from stokes before a great innings from moeen which again saw the last five wickets comfortably outscore the top 5. Mo averages about 50 about since that knock vs SL which given how he has been moved around is impressive. Let's hope he continues to bowl beautifully.

Dawson was a bizarre selection. I expect that when woakes is fit he will replace wood and then a specialist spinner like leach (averaging a shoddy 30 this year) might come in.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

See ya.
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