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Originally Posted by Mickmac View Post
Anyone old enough to remember the series played from 1989 - 2003 would remember Australia winning EIGHT series straight, four in either country.
Anyone old enough to be able to read would see that Australia has won the same number of Ashes series as England, and in that time has won 130 test matches to England's 106.
See, sir vigs, it's easy to focus on certain eras to make your side look good, but look at the entire history to get the real picture.
Keep posting, you give me a giggle at least.
Did I dispute any of this? Nope. I remember all of those series (I am 36 and the 1989 series is the first ashes series I remember with the 301 for 0 day etc). My generation witnessed Australia dominate series after series with an amazing side.

I merely pointed out that the youngest generation has never seen Australia win in England. And given the last few attempts you have to wonder how long it will be before they do again. The Aussie team from my generation was fantastic with the likes of the Waugh twins, warne, ponting, McGrath, Gillespie etc. The last few series have involved Shane Watson Ffs and now the batting relies on someone older than me.

Wouldn't it be fun if England won both series this summer then we would hold every single test match trophy we play for.
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