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DL seems to be arguing himself down an odd cul-de-sac, possibly just because he feels the need to be contrarian. If there is any truth to the speculations on this board then the police will likely find it, making the speculation more robust in face of media scrutiny. Either way, I'm not sure any of us need to face media scrutiny for our musings on here. I also expect most jurors won't have heard of Ben Stokes, given the low public profile of cricket in England, so I'm sure his trial, if it comes, will be fair. Probably not go beyond magistrates anyway.
Don't think that's right (the bit about magistrates not DL arguing himself down an odd cul-de-sac which seems only too believable) and if actually charged Stokes will opt for trial by jury. Juries are much more sympathetic to defendants than cynical magistrates who see hundreds of case a week (e.g. Steven Gerrard getting off his assault charge).
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It was a poor innings by Bell with the bat.
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