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Having just read Carl Openshaw's letter to the counties asking them to reconsider, I think he makes very good points regarding the unprecedented nature of the New Road cancellation, which really had nothing to do with rain at the time of the scheduled match. I quote:

"It is important to recognise that the failure to start and the subsequent abandonment of the match [at New Road] had nothing to do with prevailing weather conditions," he wrote. "In contrast with the Roses match played over the same period, the weather had been relatively fine in Worcester in the days leading up to the match.

"Whereas almost all league matches in the Manchester area that weekend were cancelled because of bad weather, local league games in the Worcester area proceeded uninterrupted.

"There is surely no comparison between matches which, as happens in most seasons, are affected by heavy rain shortly before and during the game and the unprecedented situation of a ground under 12 feet of water 10 days before the scheduled start of a Championship match."
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