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Originally Posted by AJ101 View Post
It would be rather odd to do it now as he seems to have improved a lot over the last 12 months, I'm no keeping expert and have never done it in my life but his movements do seem more consistent with where the ball is going now and I'd put him ahead of Buttler now unless there's been a big improvement there that I haven't seen?

It kind of made sense when Buttler was imo a slightly better keeper as he also seems suited if anything to batting at 7/8 whereas I think most are of the opinion that Bairstow would be a good #5 or even 4 (certainly better there than the specialist batsman we've tried other than Root obviously) but I think now Bairstow would take it as a real kick in the balls if he had the gloves taken off him after working so hard to get his game up to the level it is.
It would be less of a kick in the balls if it was to maximise his batting returns rather than a reflection of his keeping ability
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