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Originally Posted by sanskritsimon View Post
Is that really the stat?
I agree that it doesn't really matter what JB wants, but trying to convert him into a specialist batsman is still a worse idea than it ever was.
Originally Posted by AJ101 View Post
It's the other way round, according to cricinfo he's averaging 51 batting first and 26 when England bat second.

I don't disagree with your general point about his feelings but if the mental process affects his batting is what I'd be more concerned about. He is an excellent outfielder though so there's that.
Yeah that's what I meant. He's worse when we bat 2nd, suggesting that after an innings of keeping his batting suffers, although that might well be due to the state of the game/performance of the side as a whole - e.g. England's 1st innings "effort" against South Africa at Trent Bridge.

I don't really buy the narrative that he would really be so precious about losing the gloves that his batting would go to pieces, or if he was so mentally fragile I'd be seriously worried about how he's going to cope down under, regardless of whether he keeps or not.

Originally Posted by Ali TT View Post
Re Bairstow, I can't see anyway that going into an Ashes series, England will suddenly decide to go back on what has been a relatively successful tactic. If Foakes or Buttler go, it will be as a reserve.
True. I wouldn't be surprised if either gets a game as a specialist bat (like in India) though.
Most heartless decision:

In a women's league match in Denmark, a heavily pregnant woman arrived at the crease, and asked for a runner. Her request was denied, on the grounds that her incapacity had not occured during the course of the match.
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