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Originally Posted by Lofty76 View Post

Why would the inclusion of the Lions be "unworkable" the Counties seem to get by without them for large parts of the season? This would only be 12 days or so extra.

You seem to be forgetting that the official line is that the Counties exist only to provide players for the "National" team.
1. Because it would cause a furious rebellion among the counties.

2. Since when did the Lions players miss "large parts" of the county season? I don't recall James Taylor, Andrew Gale, Steve Kirby etc etc etc being away from their counties much last year.

3. What possible benefit would there be from this? I can think of precisely none, and the only effect being to wreck relations between the counties, their members and the ECB. The Lions already have a comprehensive programme of matches against strong sides to prepare them for the international stage.

4. Their inclusion would lopside the whole tournament, as they would obviously be odds-on favourites to win it. And if/when they got to Lord's, the ECB would be left to ponder the headache of selling tickets for a team with no supporter base.
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