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Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post
May I just say something? I have just spent a very enjoyable five days at the test match. For the first time since his debut v. West Indies in 2004 I was able to see Bell score some runs at the Oval and was very pleased for him, although naturally I would have preferred him to get a century in the first innings and a not-out in the second. I have also enjoyed Jimmy's performance, his 4 wickets in the first innings (let's forget about the runs conceded!!), his brilliant fielding, his night-watchman heroics and his superb first spell in the second innings. It was sad that England couldn't level the series but we knew it wouldn't happen as soon as Vaughan lost the toss. However, the match itself was fascinating and I enjoyed every minute. I returned home in a cheerful mood but any good feelings I had were swiftly eradicated when I read the negative comments about Anderson and Bell. I have been tempted to follow Kiki and FBU in taking a sabbatical from this board for a while and may yet do so. Actually I am going on holiday next weekend so maybe I will get things into perspective.
I'm glad you enjoyed the test match Michelle - it's always nice to see your favourite players do well isn't it? As FS and JD have pointed out you really shouldn't let the opinions of people on here upset you so much. They are, after all, just opinions.
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