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Originally Posted by CoE View Post
I'm sorry FS but I'm going to go against you here. I feel that scoring runs is absolutely imperative to survival, unless mentally you are very strong. That is generally though: in situations where survival is a matter of 50/60 balls then runs aren't really going to matter, and scoring at a run a ball is perhaps a little extreme. However, Bell's innings was hardly that risky, despite that one shot against Kumble.

In general though, especially when the time for survival is significant, scoring runs is a huge part of relieving pressure. For players like Pietersen, I always think if you give him an attacking field he will be more comfortable than if he is scoring slowly with lots of men in the covers and at midwicket.

Reading your posts again FS, I'm not entirely disagreeing with you, as Bell's innings was played so late on that you are right in the unimportance of runs.
In a sense you are right. The thing is that games are not played by perfect game theoreticians but by human beings. Certainly Pietersen may be better frustrated than blasted out. I wouldn't be removing too many slips for him though.
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