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Originally Posted by Hector View Post
I would love to see a county take a punt on someone like Mohammad Shehzad for the T20 Blast. He looks a cracking player, one that would probably be popular and would be a leading light for associate cricket as he's a very entertaining, gung-ho player. I'm not convinced that snobbery wouldn't triumph though and counties would prefer to go for a nondescript Australian or South African instead.
Rashid Khan would be great to see in County Cricket. I'm sure the Afghans would come relatively cheap too for some of those counties struggling for funds at the moment.

Anyway, I'd be glad to see Afghanistan and Ireland in Test cricket. At the very least, teams touring England could play a Test in Belfast or Dublin as a warm up to the Test series in England. Would be much better preparation than the very limited (or no) preparation that most touring teams bother for these days.
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