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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
I don't think the Milennium Stadium is designed the same way as Oz or NZ grounds where they have stadiums designed to have retractable seating so it can go from a rugby to a cricket playing field. They did have a cricket tournament there years ago and it was a farce. The only potential option is the Olympic Stadium which is being revamped for West Ham but with seats that can be removed to have a running track and hopefully a cricket field. It doesn't have a roof but you could get 50,000 watching if it's marketed right with two or three games on the same day (possibly finals day). It still all depends on it being on terrestrial TV to get interest up first, though.
It was pre-T20 that they staged som cricket there. The format itself - whatever it was - had no credibility even before considering joke boundaries and whatever they used for at pitch.

This would be different. There should be drop-in pitches and boundaries should be no smaller than Eden Park, Auckland. You are, of course, right that stadium is designed for it but my point is that it wouldnt take a lot to make the millennium similar. The two venues look very much the same. Both have a small lower tier. The only difference is that they are fixed in Cardiff but can be removed in Auckland.

And if you want terrestrial TV, as do I, well then you need a roof even more. They dont want to pay for and schedule something with such a high risk of cancellation.
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