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Originally Posted by LUHG View Post
Bad day at the office today. Guess this is going to happen to a youngster thrown into one day international cricket.

Hope there's no knee-jerk reaction. Quite like the look of Anderson, Plunkett, Broad and Monty for the ODI team - especially if we can add Flintoff on top. That leaves room for 5 specialist batsmen and no bits and pieces players.

Let's back these guys through the difficult times like today. I'm convinced the talent is there if they can be nurtured and given experience.
You're spot on LUHG - Anderson, Plunkett, Broady and Monty seem to be the right balance in this team. But they need something to ball it - i.e. the batsman need something to ball at. Right now the batsman have been all over the shop - especially up the top. Once the bats do well the bowlers will follow - lets hope.
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