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Originally Posted by sanskritsimon View Post
But the most visible reason for Broad having come through and not e.g. Shah is that the decision was taken to jettison Hoggard suddenly and, it seems, permanently, but not Strauss, when there was perhaps just of much of a good argument to be made for doing the same with him at the same point. Broad hasn't really justified his test elevation with the ball yet, and yet is now centrally contracted. I wouldn't say he has pushed his way through at all; he has been let through. If all the batters who are in the test team but are failing are still picked every match, there simply is no way into the team for any other batters, no matter how much better they might be than the present incumbents, and no matter how many county or ODI runs they might score. Vaughan dropped himself, which might have opened a space for a new batter, but the space was immediately closed by changing the shape of the team and fitting one of the old guard back in instead. It is a closed shop except for those who are allowed in; and it is not clear that when the door opens it does so for respectable reasons.
Broad is #4 in the ODI bowling rankings, so I think he has clearly earned his elevation. It seems clear that the way into the squad for most players is first through ODI opportunities. Even Bell and Pietersen only got a chance in tests once Thorpe finished his England career.
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