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Originally Posted by stevieh View Post
You are quite correct that Broad got a chance before becoming highly ranked as an ODI bowler. In fact, he got slaughtered by Yuvraj in the 20/20 Fest!

However, it is a question of timing really - the central contracts are done in September - and Broad has grabbed his opportunity in a timely fashion.

If there was a Bell and Pietersen in county cricket who would be assured of Test success, there is a high probability that one of Vaughan or Strauss might have been given a nudge. That's the point. Neither Shah nor Bopara, whom many see as the next cabs off the rank, have done quite enough to hurry Vaughan and Strauss into retirement. BTW, Shah is currently around #40 in the ODI rankings and Bopara around #90.
I'm posting as someone who would have dropped Collingwood for Bopara before the end of the England NZ series; didn't want Strauss recalled; wouldn't pick him ahead of Key and would jettison Vaughan altogether but I still agree with stevie. Bopara had a chance to force the selectors to keep him. Yes, he didn't get all the goes he might have done but he wasn't exactly dropped after one game either. Shah has been even more unlucky but again, he had a shot at convincing at Lords against WI in 2007, albeit that he was getting dropped anyway, and failed. The selectors aren't entirely having a laugh sticking with players who have good overall test records over nearly totally unproven ones. It's not the call I'd make but choosing between Strauss and Vaughan to open with Cook doesn't fill me with dread.
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