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Originally Posted by Gilo's Doosra View Post
Looks a fair team. I don't think Wood is as good a player as Gallian was but he's a lot younger.

Mick Newell is seeking another back up seamer as well apparently.

Also good to see that we have 10 England eligible players in our team. The reduction to one overseas player punishes sides like us rather than teams full of Kolpaks. Two overseas players should be fine if you've got 8/9 other players who can play for England in the team.
Don't worry about Kolpaks, the more a team have usually the lower down the division they stay. Having Hussey is like having an extra player anyway. It's a fine team, the way it is, but Footitt needs to be developed in the first team.

I see that Notts are looking for a strength and conditioning coach. Maybe he can keep the bowlers fit and on the field.
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