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Agree with that. Notts started with the smallest squad in Division One and perhaps the smallest squad in either division (discounting Broad there were only 13 players who had played any CC cricket, and one of those, Matt Carter, has never played a single game at Trent Bridge)
I really don't think the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th players in a county squad add all that much.

Last season Essex had 9 players who played 10+ matches, plus A.Cook who played 7 matches, Amir who played 3 matches when Wagner was unavailable and S. Cook who made his Championship debut in September and played the last 4 matches.

Of the rest we had 6 players playing 26 matches between them we had two batsmen averaging in the 20s, two seamers who both took 6 wickets in 3 matches at averages of 37 and 41 and two all-rounders who in 7 matches scored 105 runs and took 6 wickets between them.

They are what would be deemed replacement level players in baseball - the level of production you could get from a player that would cost you nothing but the league minimum salary to acquire - and that are more or less interchangeable with any random 2nd XI regular.

And that was your run away champions.
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It was a poor innings by Bell with the bat.
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