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The pessimism (rightly or wrongly) comes from years of seeing Notts trying to/successfully snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Take last year's CC campaign as an example. Streets ahead after the first half of the Div 2 CC campaign, due to Pattinson blowing everybody away along with Broad, Ball, Fletcher. 2nd half was a complete nightmare. Pattinson goes back to Aus, Broad/Ball get called up, Fletcher injured, Footit injured. Add to this Lumb, Taylor, Smith retiring. They only completed promotion in the last game of the season due to Read and Root managing to find some form with the bat and Northants having a over rate 'mare at TB, meaning they were docked 5 points. Yes there was a lot of bad luck but there was also some shocking batting in the 2nd half of the season. I could provide more examples e.g. 2006 needing a point from the game to stay up and getting relegated, more top order collapses than I can care to remember, Qtr Final defeats galore....

I just think it is ingrained into Notts fans that we are only ever one ball away from a complete collapse.
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