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Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post
Well yes, he does deserve a chance, and I have said so elsewhere, although if left to me I'd never have picked him in the first place. His ODI record is still mediocre despite that recent century. But you are advocating moving him down the order. He was picked to open after some success opening for Notts last season and now he's in the team he must be given the series.

I would never have dropped Compton in 2013. Could have saved two and a bit years of futile faffing about. If they felt the need to leave him out after his dismal home NZ series they could have given him another chance in the Ashes. So far it seems he performs better overseas.
Michelle (is that your real name)

I totally agree Dropping Compton in the first place was a terrible piece of leadership - As I said before another knee jerk decision - Yes he had a run of low scores but did you see his interview with i think Wardy when he clearly said he was well ****ed with being dropped when aveaging 40 odd in test cricket - I think his stats were wrong but I seriously get his point

I dont think AH should open the batting - he is not a test opener Fact but he is in the squad and dropping down the order will give him the opportunity to at least get into the side - get the feel and progress to opener with confidence of selection behind him

Thats all

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