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Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post

I think you've misunderstood the tone of my post. I am a big Compton fan. Expecting low scores is a tongue in cheek comment given the faint praise given him by Trevor Bayliss. Perhaps faint praise is not the right expression, but in the interview he seems more interested in what is wrong with having Compton at #3 than what he can bring to the team. Remember, Bayliss is more of a one-day coach. He is very excited by the young England batsmen who have brought positive, aggressive batting into the game, particularly in the one-day formats. It isn't necessarily the right approach in test cricket though. But we have positive batsmen down the order. They don't all have to bat in the same way.

It was the pundits on both Sky and TMS who mostly agreed that Compton's approach paid off and was a big help to England. Once again I mustn't have made myself clear. It was disappointing that Bayliss has cast doubt on his suitability as a no. 3 after one match, and one match in which his method of batting was exactly what was required. It may not work another time, but that would be the time to mention it, not now.

I don't think fans have a problem with Compton at all. Not in the big wide fan world. It might just be on this board.
HaHa - I did childishly try to provoke you with the Bell Jibe - Well done for ignoring it - Ian Bell was a great servant to English cricket....I expect I reacted more aggresivly to your tounge in cheek remark than you did to mine and for that i thank you

I am supprised at the comments printed by cricinfo allegedly made by Bayliss - This is a Fking test team - Seriously two of your top three need to be grinders - lose one on a green top you need to be able to re-group - In fact having re read the report I think GD has added this without quotation - I am slight biased as I hate cric info due to thier biased reporting and pubishing of comments

For now...

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