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Originally Posted by thedon View Post
So while Rabada awaits the ICC, he earns another Umpires report for getting in Warners face and screaming at him like a pork chop. Good bowler, but he might not be the sharpest tool in the shed this fella.

Strange how this stuff only seems to happen at top level. If you were to start getting right in peoples faces and screaming at them in club cricket like Rabada does, someone is inevitably going to end up dropping you.

Would love to see a batsman hit a boundary off him and then run straight at him, get right in his face and start screaming at him on his follow through. Would pay good money to see that lol.

There's plenty of leeway for bowlers to carry on and even for a bit of a send off, it's all part of the drama and entertainment. Rabada hasn't quite worked out how to do that yet. Seems the ICC agree.

Won't miss him at all if he gets rubbed out for a couple of matches, more annoying than Starc at his worst. It'll still be good tough cricket.
I think screaming in faces, pointing to the dressing room should be welcomed. Creates drama and atmosphere. Tedious, unoriginal, unfunny, cowardly sledging that forces the TV company to turn the stump mic off is what needs to be clamped down upon.
Reading the above post may cause bouts of nausea.
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