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9 days of superb test cricket. Nice to see a genuine contest as they are increasingly rare. Australia weren't bad in this game per se, sometimes you just catch certain players at their best (abd, rabada) though their senior bats let them down slightly (Smarsh has to be on warning, averaging in the teens in his last 2 away tours.) Seems we've missed a trick by not including Renshaw and Maxwell in the squad, as Handscomb isn't exactly pushing for a place.
Renshaw surely has to get back in soon. Exactly the type of opener we need. Though Bancroft looks like he might have something about him, despite his modest showing. Perhaps he could eventually end up at three? (if he isn't discarded at end of series). It's looking like Maxwell simply doesn't fit in socially or something and now that M Marsh is firing, can probably forget about it.
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