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Originally Posted by Summer of '77 View Post
I can see the financial sense in its rawest terms, but is it necessary? The new big city T20 tournament was supposed to be producing sufficient income to guarantee the counties' future wellbeing. So, either the clubs are suggesting this will not be the case, or they're getting greedy. I've written before about my fears that cricket will go down the Premiership route, where more money is never enough. Are the clubs pre-empting their future overspending?

In cricketing terms, it's bizarre to think that the most fascinating format of the game will be further shunted aside to make way for the dullest. But even when further marginalised at each end of the season, it will still be a Championship - not as thorough an examination of teams as it once was but a viable competition nonetheless. Whether it'll be sufficient to produce the players required for Team England, well I'm not sure player progress really works like that anymore. Nor do I believe that national team prowess is uppermost in the authorities' minds - as we know, there's little or no correlation between Test success and bodies through the gates.

It really comes down to less cricket for the f-c spectator, of which numbers are very few. As an enthusiast, I don't much like it but have been predicting it for years now, so it's no surprise.
Couldn’t have put it better myself. Couldn’t have put it so well, to be honest. Depressing. I’ve already gone off professional football, and I’m in danger of going off professional cricket too.
"They’ve had their chance. They campaigned for years to leave. They won a referendum and persuaded parliament to let them do a deal. There was no agreement about what to achieve. Now they’ve blown it.” Anon gets it spot on.
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