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Originally Posted by High Druid Nathan Barley View Post
It's not a 20/20 squad for a major international tournament, or an international series. It's a 20/20 competition designed to make the England players some money and to stop them joining the IPL. As such, and given the nonsensical amounts of money involved, test squad harmony is definitely a factor and should definitely be considered when selecting the side for this competition. If our test performances were to be compromised by a lack of forethought by the selectors when picking a squad for a money-making non-official knockaround, that would be the disgrace.

Cook will not play, but is more deserving of an England players' pay day than Key or Denly, or any other superior 20/20 player.
Well why wasn't Vaughan selected? or Strauss? If the whole purpose of the Stamford games was to give the players some money, ignoring their actual cricketing ablilities in the 20/20 format, surely they should have been selected.
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