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Originally Posted by JRC67 View Post
Not 100 per cent certain the narrative that Rashid's problems are solely captaincy related. Yesterday his first wicket was a long hop his second a great ball and he quite regularly has to break up his 10 overs when he is not quite getting things right. It's a bit chicken and egg is he inconsistent because captains don't trust him or do captains lack faith due to inconsistency.
I wasn't implying his issues are solely captaincy related sorry if it came across like that but IMO the field placements couldn't get much worse for him in tests (within reason of course!), he does bowl a long hop on "regular" occasions and yet I never saw Cook put someone at cow corner at the start of his spell. I know some will say you can't set fields for bad bowling but quite often there was a straight long-on I'd much rather that man was brought up and drop mid wicket back to cow corner for instance.

I'm not a huge fan of Morgans captaincy but at least his plans make sense (to me at least) even if I don't agree with them at times but most of the time I had no idea what Cook was trying to do with the spinners at his disposal.

We'd all like Rashid to cut down the number of rank bad balls but if it's not happened yet then it's really quite unlikely to so if you're going to pick him then just accept the fact and set fields accordingly.
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