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Fielding is something that has been discussed at length out here.

There seems to be no real thought gone into it by management. At one stage yesterday, Bopara was at mid-on and Monty in the covers - why?

Monty may have improved, but you can still knock the ball straight at him and ease through for a single.

Why the hell isn't Ian Bell under the lid? Cook has missed about half a dozen half chances under at forward short leg, he doesn't look a natural one whilst Bell actually excelled there and has been dropping them in the slips.

Its difficult to know what to do, but I tihnk Cook must be converted into a slip. He lacks the athleticism elsewhere but should as an opener have the hand-eye coordination.

I'd rather KP was kept out of the slip cordon, I don't think he has good hands and is far superior in the outfield. Vaughan has awful hands and must be kept out of the slips as well. All in all it creates a few problems.

Bopara has fielded 3rd a bit, as has Anderson, but ANderson isn't going to get into the team unless we suffer a lot of injuries.

I don't have the solutions, but I know very few inferior fielding teams win series
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