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Originally Posted by geoff_boycotts_grandmother View Post
Shaoib at his peak was some bowler.

I'd say he was easily their best bowler at his peak (although fair enough if you're arguing that Waqar at his much earlier peak was better).

2002-03 he took 72 wickets at 15.08. That included matches against Australia, SA, WI, NZ. The only side during that spell he took wickets at over 21.80 against was Sri Lanka (in a single test).

Injuries did limit both him and that peak though.
I gotta agree with this. Remember watching his as a kid and he was just fast, so deadly, got swing and reverse, an almost complete fast bowlers and really, along with Lee, the last time we can use the word fast in all its glory.

But we do have to take into account entire careers and ocme backs from injury and Waz is the best Pakistan had and the best I have seen in my life time and arguably the greatest of them all.

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