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Originally Posted by Prince of Denmark View Post
This seems to be a new phenomenon. Has there been some sort of rule change this year to facilitate these moves? I first noticed it when Kohler-Cadmore went from Worcs to Yorks and thought it was a bit early to be approaching out-of-contract players, then it turned out to be an immediate transfer on a long-term contract.

The Sibley-Clarke swap was announced as a mutually convenient loan arrangement after the two players had agreed moves for next season when their contracts expired. I doubt Surrey would have released Sibley without getting Clarke in return - Alec Stewart was so unhappy about losing him he almost started making controversial remarks to the media!
I think it is a new concept, certainly can't remember one which happened as early as Kohler-Cadmore.

I don't think that it's been thought through and still wonder there should be some sort of cup-tied basis added to such mid-season transfers.

Hose, Clarke and Sibley all ended up playing half their T20 competition for both their previous and new county - even playing against their previous county.
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