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Originally Posted by Jock McTuffnel v3 View Post
A few questions raised by this result

* How good/bad are South Africa ? Spoiler - their fielding is rank.

* Should we be concerned about that 3rd innings collapse ?

* Have England turned the corner or is it just more of the same inconsistency ?

* If that pitch wasn't at Lords would there be questions asked about its suitability for test cricket ?

* Is anyone buying 5th day tickets for the upcoming test at Lords vs The West Indies ?
Pretty poor batting lineup and poor fielding neither of which are helped with the players injured. Their bowling lineup is still good.

Not really in that it's nothing new and no batsman we bring in seem to be good enough at 2/3/4.

See above.

Probably but it was more that it looked a day older than it was every day apart from the first rather than it being unsuitable from the start.

Not me but then I don't buy 5th day tickets beforehand anyway. I certainly won't be going to the MCC vs Afghanistan game at Lords tomorrow as that's being played on the test pitch apparently, I think Rashid Khan could have a rather good time of it if he plays!
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