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Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post
Bell used to be every bit as good a short leg fielder as Taylor, and was generally excellent elsewhere in the field. It's a shame that he gave up short leg due to back or knees or something, and strange that with his agility and safe hands elsewhere he found it so difficult in the slips.
Bell used (past tense) to be a good short leg. But I'm not sure he ever pulled off catches as good as the two Taylor made at Jo'burg. They were quite something.

I'll be watching with interest to see if he develops into the best short leg since Logie (I'm too young for Eknath Solkar or Brian Close) or if it was a one-off, like Cook in the gully in NZ.

There are several former England players with their own threads on this board. They retain the accolade of having been England players for the rest of their lives. There's absolutely no need to move this thread.
That may be, but the point is that Chin is mischievous.
Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer
It was a poor innings by Bell with the bat.
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