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Originally Posted by geoff_boycotts_grandmother View Post
Of course England are capable of long-term planning. Look at the Lions, look at someone like Stokes and how they deliberately toured in Oz the year before the Ashes so he could get experience of playing down there.

Long term plans may not always come off and may change, but England want to know what they've got with Root and whether he can be a viable 6th bowling option.
OK then, they're not very good at it. For every Stokes (and even then they seem to have no idea what to do with him in one-day cricket) there's a Root or Kerrigan, whose introductions into international cricket have been woefully managed by England. Similar lack of clarity in the treatment of Woakes, Rankin, Bairstow and Taylor, despite all playing lots of Lions cricket. England have brought in a whole series of structures designed to make players' transitions to international cricket more straightforward but they're doing worse than ever if anything.

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