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Well Southee has been dropped. He had an amazing Under 19 World Cup but I never thought he would go on like Sharma has. I think he might do well in ODIs should he manage to get back in the side. People will say he is only 19 and has only played 4 Tests but he will have to wait for injuries to the other fast bowlers.

4 Tests 10 wickets at 42.30

Franklin is quite an interesting left arm bowler. Sometimes he goes for lots of runs and other times is amazing. Another leftie to join Khan, Singh, Pathan, Sidebottom, Vaas, Johnson, Tanvir.

The only bowlers still playing with strike rates of under 50.0, a must for any team. I have a feeling that Steyn's will rise when he faces Australia this month. Franklin and Asif stand out as they aren't as fast as the other four. Usually these types of bowlers go for more runs than a good Test fast bowler who would have an economy rate of under 3.0 but as a team you would want one as they can be really called strike bowlers. I think an ideal for a bowler would be an average under 25.0, economy under 3.0 and a strike rate under 50 but those bowlers are few and far between. Asif seems to be the nearest but he has been out of cricket a while and when he comes back might have different stats after having used Nandralone.

37.5 - Steyn (ave 22.67 econ 3.62)
38.9 - Bond (ave 22.39 econ 3.44)
45.7 - Akhtar, Asif (ave 25.69 econ 3.37, ave 23.13 econ 3.03)
47.0 - Franklin (ave 28.19 econ 3.59)
47.8 - Jones (ave 28.23 econ 3.54)
I was surprised to see Franklin has as many as 76 test wickets. Whilst his strike-rate is pretty good, he only has three 5-fers, against Australia, Bangladesh and the West Indies, three of the weaker nations in test cricket. If he has such a good strike-rate, should he not have more 5 wicket hauls?

In contrast Steyn has three times as many in just 6 more tests (27 compared to 21), Bond has more in 4 tests fewer, Akhtar had 4 times as many in little over half as many tests, Asif has more in half as many. Jones also only has three 5 wicket hauls, but again in fewer tests.
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