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Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post
I also say well done to FBU for some more impressive stats. They are still giving out contracts to players whose best days are in the past but at least their experience in the early days of handing them out to players before doing anything to justify them, e.g. Schofield, has made them more wary of giving them to the fringe players.
Thanks. I think now it is a case of playing for a year first and the ECB deciding if they see that player in the squad for the next year before giving a first contract. So far with keepers they don't seem to make the first year without questions.

What we have had though is players being injured and kept on contract with the hope they would be fit to play the next contract year. The medical staff have not provided accurate information or maybe the ECB feel they have done enough in the past to keep their contract.

Considering how much these players bring to the ECB in monetary terms (93 million in 2007) I don't think a contract worth 200,000 - 300,000 is a big ask, say about 4 million in total for the 12 players. 31.5 million goes to the counties. Do we question which players should get contracts at county level?

I suppose it is making sure the right international players have the contracts but that will only be seen after the year has passed. People expect players who have not done much for their contract the previous year not to get another and someone else to be tried.
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