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I was reading somewhere that Flower is not a fan of central contracts and was wondering if we would have fewer than 12 this year but I saw this today.

Andrew Chandler, the cricket agent who represents Andrew Flintoff, Michael Vaughan and Steve Harmison, believes England players may be *"better off without central contracts". His views are certain to be discussed by the *England and Wales Cricket Board who, Observer Sport has learned, have already held informal talks regarding the future of the central contract system.

If I was a player I would want to keep the central contracts as my main aim would be to play for England in the longer form of the game. Also going off to play in the IPL might bring lots of money but there is no guarantee the player would not be sitting on the bench. There is also no guarantee the IPL will survive over the coming years. I can see some players picking and choosing their Tests. Pietersen might only like to play against South Africa, Australia and India. Most of them might find their place in the England team taken by someone else though Flintoff and Pietersen wouldn't need to worry about that.

Would Flintoff and Pietersen then be asking for more money to play for England? I read that one country, I think Pakistan, has given various kind of contracts to 75 players from the top class players down to players in the academy.
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