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Originally Posted by sanskritsimon View Post
I don't think that's why Tredwell wasn't playing.

In the scenario you paint, England would be far better off picking a second specialist spinner instead of one of their seamers. He's going to be a whole lot better than Root, regardless of how much bowling Root does for England between now and the world cup.
You'd pick a specialist bowler who is only going to bowl 6 overs?

Originally Posted by JG_ View Post
Missed this at the time, sorry- I don't buy it anyway, based on recent events I don't think England are capable of such long-term planning. And anyway it's a ******** reason, I would say having players play in their usual roles and actually trying to give yourself the best shot of winning games would be a better preparation for the WC.
Of course England are capable of long-term planning. Look at the Lions, look at someone like Stokes and how they deliberately toured in Oz the year before the Ashes so he could get experience of playing down there.

Long term plans may not always come off and may change, but England want to know what they've got with Root and whether he can be a viable 6th bowling option.
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