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Originally Posted by Chin Music View Post
I didn't originally name it including him directly, some cheeky chappie was responsible for adding him in! If Root continues to score nifty fifties' I might change it, but for now the arch villain of the piece must keep his place as the denizen...........
I don't think 99 counts as a pretty fifty. After all, you may recall that when Cook was struggling in 2014-15 with no century for nearly 2 years, Simon Hughes defended him passionately in desperation, mounted a defence of "why all the fuss about three figures, high nineties is just as good". (In fact the highest 90 Cook achieved in that period was 95 and his next highest was 79).

When Root is captain, he could go one of two ways - spurred on by the captaincy to score very highly, or loses form weighed down by the responsibility. I think it is more common for batsmen-captains to do well initially.
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