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Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post
Two of our batsmen are in the record books after the Sri Lanka series.

Kevin Pietersen passed 3000 runs in his 33rd test match, equalling the achievement of Herbert Sutcliffe.
Of course KP has been advantaged by England generally performing so badly over that period that he has played many more innings per match than many English players of the past. He's getting over 1.9 innings/match, whereas the likes of Hobbs, Sutcliffe, Compton generally only got 1.5-1.7 innings per Test. Bradman only got 1.4 innings per Test.

The true measure of speed of run acquisition is by the number of innings. In this regard KP is a very creditable 7th on the English list, with 63 innings. Here's the list:
Player Innings
H Sutcliffe 52
DCS Compton 57
JB Hobbs 60
WR Hammond 61
L Hutton 61
KF Barrington 61
KP Pietersen 63
ER Dexter 64
JH Edrich 67

Unfortunately for Aiden it puts him well behind Viv Richards (54 innings), not to mention contemporaries like Lara (52 innings) and Sehwag (55). Other current players around the mark include Hayden (61 innings), and Gilchrist and G Smith, both 63 like KP.
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