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Originally Posted by WeAreKent View Post
Cosgrove wanted to contrive a finish with Northeast involving declarations, buffet bowling and target setting, but de Bruyn vetoed it - or something like that.

A furious Cosgrove went in to bat and took a huge swipe at every ball. He hit 24 off five balls from Coles and was then out to the sixth.

Leics play West Indies at Grace Road tomorrow. Cosgrove isn't playing and de Bruyn is also on leave with second XI coach John Sadler taking charge of the side.

Whether either of them will be back when Leics play Glos next Tues, who knows. All I know is that the excellent CEO Wasim Khan has a problem to sort out and something will have to give.

From afar it looks as though the abrasive de Bruyn has been bad news from the start - look at the Angus Robson debacle.But who knows?

In many ways the biggest surprise is that the coach/captain relationship doesn't turn acrimonious more often. Pietersen v Moores was perhaps the last big one in English cricket.
Funny how much power county coaches have these days. Surely an on field matter like that is the captains prerogative. As you say if that's the norm it's surprising there isn't a lot more agro between captains and coaches.
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