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Srinath says that India must identify their 3rd seamer and stick with him.

“But it is still musical chairs for the third seamer,” he said. “The longevity and form of Zaheer and Ishant will depend on what quality they get from the third seamer".

They have tried Pathan, Sreesanth, Patel and RP Singh. I think the best would be Munaf Patel.

We haven't even managed to identify our opening bowlers. When Gough and Caddick were our bowlers we couldn't find a permanent number 3 either. Harmison and Hoggard had Simon Jones for about 16 Tests.

In under two years the bowling has changed 17 times and we will be changing for the 18th time in the next Test. We are coming up to the Ashes and it is anyone's guess who the bowlers will be. Then there is a chance the new coach/manager might have a different idea on the selection. It is very unsettling for a bowler not knowing if he is playing or not and unsettling for the team. The longest run with the same bowlers was 6 Tests and even though it was New Zealand (5) and South Africa (1), there were no losses.

Hoggard, Harmison, Plunkett
Sidebottom, Harmison, Plunkett
Sidebottom, Hoggard, Harmison
Sidebottom, Anderson, Tremlett
Sidebottom, Hoggard, Anderson
Sidebottom, Broad, Harmison
Sidebottom, Hoggard, Harmison
Sidebottom, Anderson, Broad
Sidebottom, Anderson, Flintoff
Anderson, Pattinson, Flintoff, Broad
Sidebottom, Anderson, Flintoff
Harmison, Anderson, Flintoff, Broad
Harmison, Anderson, Flintoff
Anderson, Broad, Flintoff
Sidebottom, Flintoff, Harmison, Broad
Sidebottom, Anderson, Broad (cancelled)
Anderson, Flintoff, Harmison, Broad

With Strauss looking like a horses for courses captain it looks like there will be more changes than ever.

1st Test - After being dropped in India, Harmison is picked because of Sabina Park's reputation of a fast wicket and the memory of his last Test here and also 4 late wickets in the warm up game. Turned out it didn't suit him.

2nd Test - Strauss expected a flat wicket so Anderson is picked for reverse swing and Harmison is dropped. Sidebottom comes in and as they expect lots of bowling he can get some more overs under his belt. The match is cancelled.

3rd Test - At the ARG where the wickets were bouncy when they practiced so Harmison back, Sidebottom out because they are looking for some faster bowling so Anderson back. The wicket if flat with an unusual ridge in the middle that bowlers concentrated on more than they should have.

All three times the pitch hasn't been what they expected. You can't guess what the wicket is going to be like before a game has started because it can be anything, the weather can also come into in. If there is rain and the outfield is wet there won't be any reverse swing. I think you need 5 bowlers who all offer something different so whatever the wicket, one or two bowlers will make the best use of it. Forget the horses for courses and the uncertainity among the bowlers. The spare fast bowler should be an injury replacement only.

When it comes playing the 3 tall bowlers together who all can get bounce what is the difference between them? They can all get runs but are hit and miss in that regard. All three are capable of getting the ball down at 90mph. At first glance one would say that Broad hasn't the experience of the other two but just the way he bowled in the 1st Test showed he is on their level.

Two swing, one with a left arm variation, two tall bowlers and a spinner seems to me a better idea than 1 swing, three tall and one spinner.

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