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Originally Posted by AJ101 View Post
I don't think Stokes coming back makes too much difference to Ali's position, I can't see us selecting Crane in NZ anyway and they probably wouldn't worry about the length of the tail if they selected LL in Alis place so the only way Stokes would affect Ali is if he came in as a direct replacement and we went with 5 seamers (plus Malan and Root).

I'd suspect Stokes being back is more of a worry to Woakes and the potential 4th seamers. If they want to drop Ali I'd expect they'd just replace him with LL, that's how they normally select their spinners (pick the one with the highest FC batting average).
Without Stokes Bairstow would almost certainly have continued at 6, meaning if Moeen was dropped Woakes would bat 7 with a long tail to follow. I think Livingstone is there on the strength of his batting; I'd be surprised if England played 4 seamers with him as the only spin option. FWIW I think Crane will play.
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