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Originally Posted by sweatysock View Post
yes the right appointment which quashes the silly rumour about Luke going to Surrey!

Mark Robinson comes in for plenty of criticism at the moment and plenty is justified, although think Joyce also contributed a lot to this season's woes. Dont think Robbo can just be sacked , as he is an employee with employment rights, so would receive substantial compensation, and dont think we can afford to bring an outsider in, so best option may be a bit of a re-shuffle of the current staff with robbo taking a bit more of a back seat.

my view is that Jon lewis has the most potential to step up and take charge - he is also a proven winner withGloucester as a player (10 trophies or something like that). The Wright-Lewis combo with Robbo advising but not interfering too much has potential to give some much needed dynamism back to Sussex
Interesting about Robbo, is he on some sort of rolling contract, or does he sign up for x years at a time? It's not great for the club if they feel they have to keep someone because they're too expensive to sack.
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