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Obviously we are lacking some details here, but in general I'd like to think that Sussex have a duty to treat Robbo with respect.

If i had been working somewhere for 20 years, I dont think i'd take kindly to be told "we think youre rubbish now, there's the door", which seems to be what some are advocating!

There would surely have to be a compensation package and reckon Robbo still has polenty to offer anyway, whcih is why I am suggesting a slightly different role
That sounds very similar to the Murray Goodwin case - am I right in recalling that Sussex supporters wanted to keep him as a mark of respect for past glories when he was well past his sell-by date ? But Mark Robinson took the tough and unpopular decision that his best was behind him and that he had to go.

As a life-long trade unionist, I'm all for treating workers with respect and if Sussex have enough left in the Spen Cama kitty to be able to afford a director of cricket on a six figure salary whose role doesn't involve any part in the day-to-day running of the team, then that is great news.

Moxon does it at Yorks, Fraser at Middx and Stewart at Surrey, but we're talking the three richest counties in the country here. Every other team in div two would regard it as an unsustainable luxury; but if Mark Robinson is content with a salaried boardroom role and Sussex can afford to pay him, then why not?

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