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Originally Posted by Sir Virgs and Zamora View Post
Major cock up my Newell and Read in my eyes. Where was Paul Franks?

I did find it very strange that Ealham had so many overs but my god what an innings. Shocking over by Shreck too.

I said last week that I thought Read's keeping powers were declining with the captaincy and after watching him again I think that it could be the case. too many fumbles. I may retire from that debate (but then maybe I wont)
Im hoping to hear Franks has been dredged up from the bottom of the Trent!! Certainly dont ever want to see him on a cricket field again.

Ealham is usually an economical and very reliable bowler. There was possibly a case for bringing Adams back on, but I cant blame Read for continuing with him. I was at Trent Bridge earlier in the season when he was taking a bit of a spanking against Yorkshire. Surely Read will bring him off after this over, I thought. He didnt and he went and took 3-0 off his next 14 balls and swung the match totally in our favour.

Ealham has more often than not always managed to pull summat out when we have really needed it. He just didnt manage it on Sunday. He will still remain one of our finest ever signings mind
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