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Originally Posted by Notts Exile View Post
I'm not really sure we should be encouraging all this globe trotting and mixing really. Just call off all "elite" sports until we've got it sorted. Of course, our Governments want to create some illusion that life is remotely close to normal so that folk will ignore their handling of the crisis.

The money wasted on these events could be put to better use i.e. ensuring that third world countries get quicker access to the vaccine rather than encouraging rich sports people to continue with their lives regardless.
The reason elite cricket is being played in a bio-bubble is to ensure the substantial TV contracts for international cricket, the IPL and other T20 tournaments can be fulfilled.

Money is not being wasted on these events, it is being earned. Without the England games this summer, English cricket, including Notts, would have faced a financial black hole.There certainly wouldn't be any money to give away.

At the same time expecting players to go from this summer in a bubble straight into the IPL, then an England tour and then the BBL and then another tour, etc. is unrealistic. Unsurprisingly, it's becoming increasingly clear that to ask players to live repeatedly in a bio-bubble simply isn't mentally sustainable for them.
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